Plant based to your doorstep 📦 🌱 Now carrying v-planet!

100% vegan food for dogs

V-planet is finally available in New Zealand! Your pup can now enjoy the yummy taste of balanced, vegan nutrition, delivered to your front door. 


What are pup parents saying about v-planet?

Our whippet Mirko had bladder surgery 6 weeks ago to remove cysteine stones - these stones are formed due to a metabolic issue with the amino acid found in meat. The vet recommended a vegetarian diet and being a nutrition student I did my research. After analysing several different brands of vegan dog food, I can say that v-planet definitely contains the highest quality ingredients and is the only one that I could find that was free of harmful fillers such as corn, soy and wheat which have been associated with poorer health outcomes in dogs. Hopefully this food will be able to prevent future bladder stones in our little man! From the moment we opened the bag he has loved the taste! -Mirko's mom 


Vegan in New Zealand ✌️🌱